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So there’s this teacher in Tucsan who tells his class a story so scary that no one can stand it.

I just listened to it. It’s so not scary at all. :C

I’m really disappointed. I feel like I’m that guy from that fairytale who wasn’t scared of anything, so he went out to find something that would scare him.

Did he mention, agoutirex, that while it was happening, she got skinnier every day? Thinner and thinner, and less hungry with every passing MINUTE.

Wonder Woman is Worthy.






Fun Fact: In the Marvel vs DC crossover it was established that Wonder Woman is in fact Worthy of wielding the hammer of Thor.

And then she put it down, because she thought it would be unworthy of her to take advantage of its power.

Wonder Woman’s standards are higher than Mjolnir’s.


marketing execs are dumber than hammers, apparently


Anonymous asked:

you went to college to be a librarian? so, like, you're a technophobe?


*looks around studio at all the tech surrounding her* You’re kidding, right?

No, being a librarian does not mean you’re a technophobe. It just means you enjoy information/literature and wish to ensure others have equal access to said info/lit. It doesn’t matter whether that info be in print, on microfiche, or completely digital. If it exists, a librarian will try to archive it. Even those of us no longer in the profession tend to hoard the bits we can get our grubby little hands on.

While I entered the SLIS program for Young Adult Services, I quickly found myself focusing on Tech Services as well. The end result - my time as a librarian was split between teen reader’s advisory, teaching folks how to interact with their computers, maintaining our OPACs, manning the circ desk, and calculating our payroll. By the time I left librarianship I was also serving as our temporary Cataloger.

While it’s true that some librarians are not fond of technology, the greater majority are plugged in and quite happy about it.

Reblogged because my mother is a librarian, with a Masters degree in Library Science.

People usually don’t remember that librarians are the original information technologists, and are continually on the cutting edge of what’s happening with infomation storage, manipulation and law, as they have always been and must always be. It’s their whole job.

My mom took great delight in overseeing her college’s research library’s piles of expensive, space-hogging musty magazine subscriptions to massive searchable full-text databases. It was part of her job to review and approve the contracts regarding public access and usage of those privately run corporate information banks, making sure the terms lined up with student usage data for the 20,000+ student body.

When you hear a search engine company has refined the logarithms that sift through terms and pages to give you better results: people who worked on that had advanced degrees in Library Science. Sifting through millions of letters, words, pages, or posts to extract meaningful, useful information and references has always been the job of a librarian. Technology only makes them more powerful and necessary.

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